The Millionaire Lifestyle


Rain was beating down continuously on my 2×4 office window which barely lets sunshine in. I was at it again. The 9 to 5. But today I felt different. I already looked like a million bucks, in my tailor made grey suit, that I had been rocking for the last 5 years, no makeup and curly hair. I looked exactly the same as I did yesterday but already I was receiving compliments. Maybe they could see the ‘me’ trying to shine through who knows and I didn’t care. I was on the motivated path. The self-motivated, self-promoting all about me selfish path and the only thing stopping me was me.

I hadn’t figured out how to get “it” as yet, but I knew that I wanted it, I could taste it, like a lifelong hunger that I knew I had but didn’t know what I was hungry for and now I knew. I could see the gourmet dinner on the horizon, after all knowing what you want is already half the battle and I had defined exactly what I wanted. A specific, attainable, defined life goal – The Millionaire lifestyle! I didn’t want a million bucks, although I wouldn’t mind it, as I was always quite content with meeting my needs, I just didn’t realize that my needs were more than the basic and once I decided to be honest with myself and throw being realistic out the window, I felt liberated. I was flowing. So what would I do with this new found energy, purpose and direction?

The loaded question, so if you don’t want to do this, what do you want to do? Well right now, I wanted to go to Venice and sail through the canals while listening to music that I don’t know the words to. Next week I may want to go to the Atlantis hotel in Bahamas and sit under a coconut tree watching the waves. Or I may want to learn to ice skate in Alaska…it all depends, but I knew I wanted a less stressed more smile calm and peaceful life. The millionaire lifestyle! And I could start right here right now!

I was already a qualified attorney-at-law with more than a decade of legal knowledge, had the marvellous husband with the white picket fence and the amazing supportive parents. I had achieved the typical dream all before I was 30. But I wanted to experience the dream…and I could. The Millionaire-lifestyle is the realization that to be a millionaire is having the option of doing whatever you want to do. Whether it may be; laying on the beaches of the Caribbean, or sailing though the Mediterranean, wine tasting in the vineyards of Genoa. And I caught the bug, the ‘I can do that now’ bug. There was nothing stopping me from wine tasting, enjoying the beaches, and yachting through the Grenadines. Absolutely nothing. But I realized this little well-kept secret, shhhh most of the ‘luxuries’ in life are free or not as unattainable as we thought. So here we go…. on my millionaire lifestyle journey!