A Brighter Morning at Barbados Brighton Farmers Market!

Every Saturday morning Brighton is transformed into a bustling busy mini market filled with smiles laughter and good mornings all around. You really can’t ignore those rich red and green outdoor umbrellas and park benches prepared and properly placed on the grounds the evening before. Its such a welcoming ambiance. Seating is definitely not a … [Read more…]

Shark Hole – A hidden ‘hideaway’ in Barbados

A hidden treasure indeed. ‘Shark Hole’ is a definite must add to your beach adventures on the island of Barbados. The name alone should probably deter  ( were there toothless sharks?) and the thought of battling the east coast unforgiving, relentless, heavy-duty waves should definitely restrain you. Yet curiosity begged to differ. Finding this gem … [Read more…]

Refreshing! – Cin Cin By the Sea

I  entered Cin Cin restaurant on Friday afternoon and felt a cool rush down my spine, like if I was taking my first breath, breathing for the first time,. I took it all in. The ambiance, the people, the light chatter about current affairs and the boisterous laugh that was both genuine and forced and often … [Read more…]

Priority Boarding! – How to travel hassle free

  Everyone loves to travel, yet no one likes travelling or rather the hassle of travelling, including me. The ever-growing long check-in lines, my arms crying out after chugging and hauling 50 lb suitcases diagonally across the vast airport floors, the mad rush through the human forest, lined with distracting shiny objects along the way to your ‘gate’ just … [Read more…]

Pampered to Perfection – Spa right!

I must have been sleep walking, sleep-walking through my life. It took me 30 seconds to recognise that the bellman was trying to get my attention “Ma am?, Ma am?, it’s just up this path to your right, pass the palm tree with the red dot, the second pergola with the hanging yellow orchids and … [Read more…]

Land Escape – Luxury Landscapes

Escape to this east coast haven, Bathsheba – a slight south of Barclay’s Park, where the waves of the Atlantic ocean crash against the coral reefs creating a white and pink sandy beach. It was a mini adventure to this bird’s eye view..and to my dismay we did take the road less travelled. Sinks and bumps … [Read more…]

Going Somewhere?

It was a typical Tuesday morning and my fellow colleagues were dragging their feet through the office door waiting for the turn of the week to count down to Friday. I chuckled as it was only 8:20 am.  In waltzed Mr. GQ decked out from head to toe in a two piece charcoal grey suit, … [Read more…]