Once in a Lifetime! – A Grenadian Wedding

Once in a lifetime! – this is how I would describe the wedding celebration I attended at the Rex Grenadian Resort in the isle of Spice, Grenada!. It was a cool afternoon with slight cloud cover and the white chairs glistened against the Caribbean sea. A designer’s dream -with the automatic picture perfect backdrop of … [Read more…]

Brand New Year!

As the year was quickly coming to an end and new beginnings seemed to linger on the horizon it is a time when most of the world decides to make resolutions, some impossible to commit to and some doable, but most come to fruition on the 1st day of the turn of the new year. Now anyone … [Read more…]

A December to Remember!

Tomorrow would be the last Friday of the year, 2015. There would never be another Friday for 2015 – and what was I doing? I was working! Yup believe it or not – I was sending an email to my fellow co-workers – hoping that they read it, praying that they responded and knowing that … [Read more…]


It was that time again, the year was winding down and the vacation roster was being circulated to every department. It was the time when we pre-planned our lives for an entire twelve months. Now why would someone think that I have my life all planned out. I really must look more put together than … [Read more…]

Wine for Breakfast?

I emerged from my lady’s chambers and descended to the kitchen to prepare the most important meal of the day, “breakfast”. I pondered briefly on this thought which most of us have heard several times during our youth and adult lives. The most important meal of the day. For a balanced diet one should have … [Read more…]

On the Rocks!

Family is one of the few treasures in life that can stand the test of time. Now if you have a great family then you truly have won the jackpot. I was fortunate enough to have been born and subsequently married into two great families. So on Sunday morning when I was invited to an … [Read more…]

Black Gold – a pirates tour in Barbados?

So what’s all the hype about the 1703? Driving up to this secluded garden shielded by check-in security and nestled on the lining of the heart of Bridgetown, one would never imagine that the secret of the land of sugarcane and rum was open to all who dared to venture. I walked up the narrow footpath and … [Read more…]

Great is the Expectation!

Bonjour Mes amies. I was stuck in traffic having just completed another 9 to 5, more like 7:45 to 5, and the blue Nissan on my right had just cut into our lane. Great *says sarcastically*, another mechanical transportation to slow my intended destination. That would have been my response two weeks ago, but as … [Read more…]

The Lifestyle

Rain was beating down continuously on my 2×4 office window which barely lets sunshine in. I was at it again. The 9 to 5. But today I felt different. I already looked like a million bucks, in my tailor made grey suit, that I had been rocking for the last 5 years, no makeup and … [Read more…]