A Brighter Morning at Barbados Brighton Farmers Market!

Every Saturday morning Brighton is transformed into a bustling busy mini market filled with smiles laughter and good mornings all around. You really can’t ignore those rich red and green outdoor umbrellas and park benches prepared and properly placed on the grounds the evening before. Its such a welcoming ambiance. Seating is definitely not a … [Read more…]

Refreshing! – Cin Cin By the Sea

I  entered Cin Cin restaurant on Friday afternoon and felt a cool rush down my spine, like if I was taking my first breath, breathing for the first time,. I took it all in. The ambiance, the people, the light chatter about current affairs and the boisterous laugh that was both genuine and forced and often … [Read more…]

Wine for Breakfast?

I emerged from my lady’s chambers and descended to the kitchen to prepare the most important meal of the day, “breakfast”. I pondered briefly on this thought which most of us have heard several times during our youth and adult lives. The most important meal of the day. For a balanced diet one should have … [Read more…]

Great is the Expectation!

Bonjour Mes amies. I was stuck in traffic having just completed another 9 to 5, more like 7:45 to 5, and the blue Nissan on my right had just cut into our lane. Great *says sarcastically*, another mechanical transportation to slow my intended destination. That would have been my response two weeks ago, but as … [Read more…]