Refreshing! – Cin Cin By the Sea

I  entered Cin Cin restaurant on Friday afternoon and felt a cool rush down my spine, like if I was taking my first breath, breathing for the first time,. I took it all in. The ambiance, the people, the light chatter about current affairs and the boisterous laugh that was both genuine and forced and often … [Read more…]

Wine for Breakfast?

I emerged from my lady’s chambers and descended to the kitchen to prepare the most important meal of the day, “breakfast”. I pondered briefly on this thought which most of us have heard several times during our youth and adult lives. The most important meal of the day. For a balanced diet one should have … [Read more…]

Great is the Expectation!

Bonjour Mes amies. I was stuck in traffic having just completed another 9 to 5, more like 7:45 to 5, and the blue Nissan on my right had just cut into our lane. Great *says sarcastically*, another mechanical transportation to slow my intended destination. That would have been my response two weeks ago, but as … [Read more…]